1.1.1 Element 010 – Written Report

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You are required to write a management report which:

  • Critically reflects on your own effectiveness as a leader.
  • Produces recommendations for your own personal leadership development.

The reflection and recommendations should focus on 3 broad aspects of leadership (see details below for suggestions). Your reflection should ideally focus on current leadership experience and/or that of the recent past (i.e. the last 2 years). Your report should be a maximum of 3000 words in length. Penalties apply to exceeding the word count.

Important Considerations

Although the report will contain elements of description to outline the circumstances, the emphasis should be on critical evaluation of your leadership and lessons to be learned for the future.

You should use relevant classical and contemporary leadership theories or paradigms reviewed during the course of the Module MOD001094 as a focus for your analysis.

You should, where possible, seek to produce evidence to support your points. The range of acceptable evidence might include:

  • Primary research: interviews, questionnaires, written feedback from colleagues etc.
  • Secondary research: reflective exercises, evaluation forms, appraisal reports etc.

Evidence may be placed in appendices to the main report.

Areas of leadership that you might like to explore include:

  • Qualities of Leadership
  • Leadership Skills
  • Leadership Styles
  • Leader – led Relationships
  • Organisational Politics & Power
  • Developing Leadership in Others
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Team Leadership
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Charismatic or Transformational Leadership
  • Spiritual Leadership


Other areas may also be considered. Please discuss with your module tutor. It would be ideal to focus on areas that are of relevance to your leadership development at the current time.

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