Curriculum change has essentially three stages: initiation, implementation, and maintenance. Initiation of change sets the stage for implementation. It gets the school receptive to the planned innovation. Planners raise essential questions about who will be involved, what level of support is expected, and how ready people are for the innovation. Ideally, these questions relating to the initiation phase were asked when the parties were involved in curriculum development. How would the three stages of curriculum change work for a high school that relate more with the realism point view where you would implement a  new/revised curriculum? No matter the scope of the curriculum implementation, it is a change, whose purpose is to make a difference. In this discussion question the focus is on the process of curriculum change. Orstein and Hunkins identify three stages in the curriculum change process: initiation, implementation, and maintenance. Discuss how these three stages would help in implementing a new/revised curriculum for the school for a school that identifies closely to the realism point of view.  600-800 words

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