Orstein and Hunkins identify a number of curriculum implementation models.  1. Overcoming-Resistance-to-Change Model 2. Organizational-Development Model 3. Concerns-Based Adoption Model 4. Systems Model For this assignment, review and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the four models: Overcoming Resistance to Change, Oganizational Development, Concerns-Based Adoption, and Systems Model. Then, identify the model that would most likely be effective for the school from LASA 1. Be sure to provide a rationale for the choice. What would be the role of the various stakeholders, teachers, administrators, students, parents, and curriculum directors in the implementation process? By the due date assigned, submit your model analysis in the Submissions Area for review and critique. Assignment 2 Grading Criteria  Maximum Points Discussed the advantages and disadvantages of each of the four models. 8pts Identified the models most suited to the educational philosophy of the school from LASA 1 to be used in LASA 2. 4pts Provided a strong rationale drawing from the observations in LASA 1, research, and the information learned in this course. 10pts Discussed the role of various stakeholders in the curriculum implementation process. 10pts Wrote in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrated ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources; displayed accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Utilized correct APA format for headings, margins, spacing, citations, etc. 4pts Total: 36pts

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