The stages of curriculum development should result in a document that addresses content, educational experiences, and educational environments in keeping with the school’s aims, goals, and objectives. Whether educators are creating master curriculum designs, curriculum guides for particular courses of study, or lesson plans for a particular day, they essentially engage in all the stages…” (Ornstein & Hunkins, 2013, p. 207). For LASA 2 you will assume the role of the Curriculum Director for the school system where the school you evaluated for LASA 1, Dimensions of Schooling, is located. For LASA 2, the operational educational philosophy you derived from LASA 1 (Realism) will be the operational educational philosophy for the example school system. You have been tasked to create a proposal to develop, implement, and evaluate a new/revised curriculum. For this LASA you may choose any K-12 content area. Keep in mind that you are developing a plan to develop, implement, and evaluate a new/revised curriculum, not an instructional plan. You will be asked to provide some examples of what might be developed during the development phase. The end product of LASA 2 will be a paper outlining your proposed plan. There are four parts to LASA 2. First, you will need to determine the best curriculum design (subject center, learner centered, or problem centered) based on the system’s operational educational philosophy as determined in LASA 1. Second, you will develop the approach that will be used to develop the new/revised curriculum that aligns with the curriculum design chosen. Third, you will develop an implementation plan for the new/revised curriculum. Fourth, you will provide an outline of the evaluation procedures for the new/revised curriculum. Finally, throughout the paper you will need to provide a rationale, supported by your readings and research, as to why the various models and approaches taken will match the educational philosophy of the school you evaluated for the Dimensions of Schooling in LASA 1.  Determined the curriculum design appropriate to the system’s operational educational philosophy. 32pts Provided a plan for the stages of curriculum development: Selected curriculum team. Determined aims, goals, objectives Selected content, experiences, and environment 40pts Developed curriculum implementation plan to integrate new/revised curriculum into the system. 40pts Developed a curriculum evaluation plan to ensure new/revised curriculum is meeting the needs for which it was developed. 40pts Usage and Mechanics: Writing used proper grammar, spelling, usage, and mechanics to provide smooth readability. 16pts Use of APA included proper attribution, paraphrasing, and quotations. Provided reference list in accordance with APA. pts12 Total: 180pts

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