a case/issue from one of the subfields of International Relations (e.g., GPE, security, war).

GPE: – TNCs and states – power relationships, etc. – What is the relationship between globalization and inequality? – Do the BRIC countries represent a fundamental challenge to global capitalist world order, or just a shifting of power within it? – Modern slavery in the global economy – Global governance and migration – protection of migrants, etc. – Remittances and the global economy – impact on states, etc.


War: – How are civil wars increasingly international? (What are the global dimensions of war today?) – How does the global war on terror illustrate a globalization-era shift in war and security? – How have WMDs re-configured the politics of war and security in the past and today? Security: – Explore the contested nature of security by presenting an expanded definition of the concept, building on a case study. – Examine a case of conflict as a way of demonstrating security in a context of globalization (as in the case study of the DRC on p. 241 – obviously, you can’t do that case) – Subject a recent or ongoing conflict to a theoretical analysis from a constructivist, critical theory, or feminist perspective.

This paper is a more straightforward research essay where you will describe the issue, including historical background, and explore the main dynamics at work in the case, and propose some solutions to obstacles (this will naturally vary based on the topic). Your use of a theoretical lens should be acknowledged, and you should be theoretically-minded in your analysis. However, the purpose of this paper is not to focus on the theory. Rather, your focus is on understanding the issue, but in a way that incorporates ideas from the course, appropriate use of theory, and is factually accurate. Again, this paper should also be in the range of 2500 words. you can choose any issue in the broad field of IR. Paying attention to the world news is a good start.Your first step in narrowing things down would be to choose a subfield or area. Next step would be to narrow things down to a more specific facet of that area, then finally to create a preliminary thesis/research question/main argument. Building from that, you will choose one or more case studies that you will use to explore the general dynamics in the issue.

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