A Genered Tour through a Toy Store.

Go to a major chain store and try to find a toy (not a piece of sports equipment) that is not marketed specifically toward a boy or a girl, basically, find a gender neutral toy. This store needs to locate at Los Angele,near city of pasadena would be the best. follow the following questions to write it. 1. What is the layout of the store? Are there distinct boys’ and grrls’ sections? Describe. 2. What types of words and descriptions are used on the toys to market them towards boys and grrls? 3. What is the gender neutral toy you selected? Was it easy or difficult to find? Where was it located? 4. Based upon your overall experience in the toy store, write a brief analysis that examines how toys are a means of gender socialization. What values do they teach boys and grrls? What social roles are these toys teaching and training boys and grrls to do?

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