a geological story for a place you know

One of the objeсtives of this course is to mаke уou more aware of the geology which surrounds you. In
order to facilitate this, I’d like you to take a closer look at the geology of your hometown, state, or region,
or of a рlace which you have spent time at or have some other link to (for example, where your family
came from), and tell me an interesting geological story.
The assignment is 1000-1500 words, with a well-developed theme which will be graded on content
(mostly), but also style and grammar. Your story should address, and explicitly tie together, the following
What is interesting geologically of the area, and how and when did it get like that, and how does it fit into
the broader geology of the area?
Why do you think this is a great story? Why do you think non-geologists might be interested?
You should write as though a member of your family or a friend is the target audience—don’t use
technical terms or jargon without clarifying them, and try to keep it interesting. Your paper needn’t be
completely comprehensive—feel free to focus on fewer, more interesting aspects rather than trying to
include every geological detail.
To get started on your search, Google and Wikipedia are obvious choices. State Geological Surveys will
often have lots of local information, and the U.S. Geological Survey ( also has lots of
regional information if you search for it.
You must use citations with a list of references at the end of the paper—the particular format you choose
is not important, so long as it is consistent. If you use web-based sources, make sure to include the URL
in your citation. You must complete this assignment by yourself and abide by the University of Miami
Honor Code.


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