a significant change leadership challenge

Part A (suggested word count: 500)
Describe the nature and scale of the change leadership challenge and the current and potential impact on the organisation’s internal and external environment.

Part B (suggested word count: 1,250)
Evaluate how effectively you think the organisation approached this change leadership challenge, including the consideration of the diversity of people and values.

Part C (suggested word count: 1,750)
Following on from your evaluation:

1. As chief executive of the organisation, describe how you would have approached this particular challenge; the critical dilemmas you would have faced, how you would have engaged with these dilemmas and the reasoning behind your
recommended choice of actions.

2. Identify the critical generic factors any senior executive team would have to consider in this situation, regardless of the type of organisation and its operating context.

3. Explain how you would evaluate the outcomes of your recommended approach.

Part D (suggested word count: 500)
Your concluding section should reflect on how learning from the module content has impacted on your own practice as a change leader. This should include a commentary on development of the core change leadership skills of teamworking plus communicating with, and facilitation and coaching of, the people you need to influence and persuade. Please make appropriate links to your learning from the Personal Development module and utilise evidence relevant to the behavioural skills and learning outcomes for leadership and change. 

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