Abrahamic Covenant Chart

1. Read Genesis 12-50 with focus on the Abrahamic Covenant. Note the following:  a.   Every instance (reference) where it appears in some form (may be interpretative).  b.   To whom it was addressed: Abraham, Isaac, etc.   c.   Circumstances under which it was reiterated.   d.   The “ingredients” which compose the covenant.   e.   Its development through the Book of Genesis.    f.   Any change in the content or emphasis. 2.  Organize your findings into a usable chart (this may involve several pages). “Usable” means a chart that could serve as a handout in a class and from which a lesson might be taught. NOTE: handouts are to be typed. The chart will be graded according to thoroughness (locating all pertinent passages and analyzing them), creativity, neatness, and usefulness. See the example of the chart attached above. 3. Create a cover page containing a paragraph or two that explains the contents of your chart and how to read and use it.

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