abu dhabi housing authority -research internship paper

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I am marketing and communication section head, working in abu dhabi housing authority , what im responsible off is, bookings for events ( venue , food , airlines , entertainment getting singers Arranging tenders for the events , speech writings , scheduling the events , invitation list etc
Please go through the website of abu dhabi housing authority , check the media center to see the type if events we have organized.

The biggest event I would like two talk about is ( strategic partners event , Natinal day , and MOU with other housing sectors )

This is an internship report should be 30 pages , plagiarism FREE

Performing Arts Management
Internship Report outline/ main components

1. Context ( a maximum of 1 pages) :
How did you find the internship?

Is it corresponding to your professional area of interest? Yes , and we need to explain
2. Home structure (a maximum of 3 pages) :

Object (((the event, what kind ??? )))
Date and conditions of creation
Legal status
Social and economic data
Outlook (development, stagnation, decline)
3. Definition of your mission (a maximum of 5 pages) :

Reporting lines
Objectives of the mission
Given means
4. The performed activities (a maximum of 7 pages) :

Description of tasks by category
Positioning respecting the objectives of the structure
Are the objectives reached?
Founded difficulties and solutions
5. Evaluation of the mission (a maximum of 7 pages) :

Positive points : What are you the most proud of ? What did you learn the most?
Negative points : What was the most disabled ? If you had to start over, would you give conditions?
6. Assessment and recommendations (a maximum of 7 pages) :

Organizational diagnosis of the functioning of the structure (strengths, weaknesses)

� If you didn�t understand any of the points above , please feel free to ask me

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