.According to the Apology, what were the old charges or prejudices against Socrates?

Chose one of those topics for essay(the one you are good at): 1.According to the Apology, what were the old charges or prejudices against Socrates? What are the new charges,i.e. the charges of the actual indictment against him? How are these two sets of charges connected with each other? what is the court’s decision and how does Socrates’ react to it? is he afraid of death and why, or why not. 2.What is Socratic intellectualism? Identify the intellectualist definitions of piety in the Euthyphro and of courage in the Laches. Then lay out the argument by which each of these definitions gets refuted. Do you find the refutations convincing? justify your answer. 3.Presemt and explain Meno’s paradox. Show how the theory of recollection is supposed to solve that paradox. Since Socrates considers Meno’s paradox sophistical,, why does he take the trouble to answer it in a serious and sophisticated manner? is recollection a satisfactory answer to meno’s paradox? Briefly justify your response. 4.Outline the method of hypothesis and show how Socrates uses it in the meno. if virtue is knowledge, why are there no teachers of virtue? What conclusion does Socrates invite us to draw from his latter fact, i.e. that there are no teachers of virtue? how does the distinction between knowledge and belief bear on the issue of the teachability of virtue? 5. How does Socrates respond to Cebes’ demand that he prove that the soul is essentially indestructible? what role do causes play in Socrates’ explanation? what is Socrates’ “save answer”? what is the “more clever answer”? why is the latter preferable to the former? (reference: )

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