accounting information systems

This case study assignment requires the completion of Case 1 Preliminary Case: Feline
Novelties found on page 51 of Monk, Brady & Mendelsohn (2017).
Assignment 1: Creating Tables
Please complete this assignment as specified in the text.
Please note the following requirements with respect to adding your name to the table:
• For the email address field enter your ECU student email address
• For the ID number enter your student number;
• For the street address enter your semester address as recorded with ECU;
• For the credit card field, your “credit card” number is your student number +
Assignment 2: Creating a form, queries and a report
Complete all parts of this assignment as specified in the text with the exception of the printed
output. No hardcopies or printouts are required.
You are required to upload via the assignment manager link your Microsoft Access *.accdb
[Access database file] containing the deliverables, no. 1 to 8 as specified on page 57 of the
Your Microsoft Access database file must be named [all lower case]: family-name_studentnumber.
accdb, e.g., priest_10234678.accdb
In addition to your Microsoft Access database file you must upload a completed Assignment
Coversheet [it must be the version linked to].
• Topic of Assignment is: Microsoft Access Case Study
• Group or Tutorial is: Joondalup, Bunbury or Off-Campus as applicable
Only complete submissions, submitted as specified will be marked. Submissions made
which do not meet these requirements will be marked zero.
Your submissions can only be made via the Assignment Manager in Blackboard. Submissions
will not be accepted via email or in any other form. The assignment manager link will be
available until the submission deadline which is:
Sunday September 24, 2017 at 23:59 AWST
Please understand that the link will close at the stated time, it does not allow for late
submissions. In respect to “computer issues” the following applies:
• “Computer issues” can only be considered as grounds for a late submission without
penalty if supporting evidence of the computer problem is provided. Normally this is in
the form of screen grabs which show the relevant error messages (photos are not
acceptable) and/or written confirmation from IT Services of your problem which was
beyond your control. No supporting evidence means no late submission without penalty;
• Use of your own personal computer and/or internet service provider whilst allowed has to
be at your own responsibility. Neither the teaching staff nor ECU IT Services can take
responsibility for any problems you may encounter using your personal computer and/or
internet service hence you are encouraged to complete the submission on-campus using
ECU computers;
• If you are not familiar with using the assignment manager, you must take appropriate
steps to inform yourself. Support materials are provided in Blackboard via the Student
Support link at the top right hand corner of the screen. Failure to use the assignment
manager correctly is not grounds for a late submission without penalty

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