Accounting Task

You need to answer these questions below from an article I will paste the link of the article here it should be dealing with one or more of the topics taught namely: 1. Relevant costs for decision making (choosing between options) 2. Volume based decisions – variable and fixed costs 3. Volume based decisions – break even analysis etc. 4. Budgeting 5. Working capital management 6. Sources of Finance Your task is to write a short report answering the following questions:- 1) What is the title of your article, who is/are the author/s, when was it written and where did you find the article? 2) Write a brief summary of the article 3) Identify, within the above summary, the Management Accounting concepts being discussed in the article 4) Define at least two those Management Accounting terms (with appropriate referencing) Please make sure you clearly include your name and student number on your file. You can add a graph if possible .THIS IS THE LINK OF THE ARTICLE YOU NEED TO WRITE AND ANSWER THE QUESTIONS . 

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