Learning outcomes: 1 and 2
For this assessment you will need to:
? Devise an e-portfolio format for designing an early childhood curriculum.
? Describe and justify your personal pedagogical approach to curriculum design.
? Research and select four (4) different curriculum models that are identified in this subject or
approved by the subject academic that reflect your approach to curriculum design. For each
model address a range of descriptive characteristics such as:
o Main proponents.
o Historical influences, influential people, theoretical underpinning and curriculum
o Date of conception.
o Key strategies for teaching, learning, assessment, planning and reflection.
o Goals and outcomes.
o Position on play.
o The role of the curriculum model on the provision of early childhood education across the
o Critique the approach to your personal pedagogical approach to curriculum design.
? Design an early childhood curriculum that articulates and justifies your approach to early
childhood education as well as addresses the theoretical underpinnings, approaches,
ideologies, influencing program models and curriculum content knowledge.
Your assessment should show evidence that you have read widely on the topic beyond the supplied
readings and texts. Your assessment must use correct referencing, in APA style.

Prescribed text:

McLachlan, C., Fleer, M. & Edwards, S. (2013). Early childhood curriculum: Planning,
assessment and implementation (2nd ed.) (pp. 35-37). Melbourne:
Cambridge University Press.
Recommended text:
Follari, L. (2015). Foundations and best practices in early childhood education (3rd
ed.) (Chapter 11). USA: Pearson.

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