Active shimming in Magnetic Resonance Instrumentation (MRI)

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-Task Description:
The purpose of this assessment item is for students to research a topic in magnetic resonance instrumentation and present an overview of the current technological state and capability in the topic area. Recent developments in the area should be included for the assignment to obtain distinction level marks. Library catalogues, scientific journal databases and internet sites are expected to be searched to locate appropriate overviews and cutting edge information.

Take care to ascertain that the information obtained has been rigorously reviewed and is not simply of a promotional nature. This is particularly important when using information downloaded from the Internet. Your should have a formal structure with abstract, introduction and sub-headings in the main body, as well as a summary or conclusion, along with a full reference list. All diagrams should have captions, be legible and sources must be acknowledged. References must be made in the text.

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