Advertising/Public Relations


For this assignment, you are asked to work as an Art Director to produce the visual or visuals for an A4 advert that is to be run in a magazine of your choice. 

In addition to your advert, you need to submit a 1,000 word outline that describes and justifies the creative decisions taken in relation to theoretical concepts applied in advertising and why you think your ad will be successful.

Assessment criteria for the 1000 word outline:
1. Level of challenge – identification of the key issues and solutions presented 25%
2. Understanding of the target market/audience 25%
3. Creative concept e.g. how are you going to engage the audience using image and text 25%
4. The execution: the effectiveness of the advert in relation to form and function 25%

The Challenge 

On average, people spend nearly five days a year looking for something to watch. After eventually settling for a title – sometimes in desperation – you risk spending 20 minutes or more watching it before you find that it really isn’t for you, or your companion.
As in many fields, from fashion, to music and news, people are starting to work out that ‘more’ doesn’t always mean ‘better’. It’s quality over quantity: a brand that you can trust.

The task

Create an A4 print ad for a chosen magazine that understands the frustration of not finding enough of what you really want to watch. Use your creative powers to produce an ad to get film lovers and those who love culture and quality entertainment to put their faith in MUBI and its special curators. Persuade them and their friends to sign up for the one month free trial.

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