African Americans who suffer from diabetes

The final paper should be prepared in APA format (including double­spaced, with one­inch margins

and in 12­point Times New Roman font) and be approximately 10­12 pages in length. This does not

include your references and title page. Your references should include scholarly journals, the course

text, and medically oriented Internet resources (i.e. NIH).

Rubric for Final Paper 

1. Description of your selected topic 

o E.g., prevalence rates, etiology, and other related background information.

2. Functional impact

o E.g., implications of the functional impact for rehabilitation counselors in regard to consumer’s

education, training and employment, and/or any specific issues related to vocational rehabilitation.

3. Strategies available to reduce the limitations 

o E.g., medical interventions and treatment, psychosocial interventions, accommodations, and/or

assistive technology.

4. Conclusions 

5. Suggestions for future research 

6. Use of APA format 

o Title page (2)

o Running head (2)

o Double­spaced and one­inch margins (2)

o 12­point Times New Roman font (2)

o Reference page (2)

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