AGEC_333-Term Paper Assignment: Write a paper in the area of environmental and resource economics.

As per the course outline, each student is required to write a paper in the area of environmental and resource economics. The paper is worth 25 percent of your grade. The requirements for the paper are as follows: (1) Not to exceed 20 pages in length double spaced; excluding references. Papers can be shorter, remember quality over quantity, however papers have to be of sufficient length to address the question at hand. (2) The paper is an economic paper and not a biological or physical science paper.


(3) As an economic paper it must contain or include an economic theory that can be used to address the problem or provide an indication for why the problem exists. (4) The paper can take many forms and can involve environmental economics or resource economics. (5) The paper can address a specific problem, compare alternative techniques use in resource economics, or present the alternative arguments of a controversial issue in resource or environmental economics. (6) Referencing is important in your term paper. Please use the Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics reference style. 

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