Airbnb’s public listing on any international stock exchange

Please read through the document uploaded, I have had a lot of issue with writers not reading the task and had to request revisions on. It has happened multiple times, so please read through the document. I have chosen Airbnb, if you cannot find the full financial statement please let me know. The english does not need to be complex, just keep it simple and grammatically correct. Please undertake a full financial appraisal of the performance of this business over the three year period, based upon a comprehensive analysis of the company. Also, the appendices need to include three year financial statements and all workings on Gross profit ratio, operating profit ratio and Return on capital employed. written report should contain:

(i) A statement of the principal stakeholder group for whom you will be undertaking the analysis and their likely information needs,

(ii) An analysis of the strategic issues facing the company and their likely financial implications for the firm during the three years under analysis

(iii) An analysis of the firm’s current financial position and its ability to meet the challenges posed by the issues you have identified in (ii) Your work needs to be written in plain English using Arial font 12, with 1.5 line spacing. You must ensure that you give due consideration to issues of grammar, spelling and punctuation. Remember to use appropriate headings and sub headings throughout. Ensure all new sections start on a new page. Your report must be fully referenced with a minimum of six separate sources including at least one journal. 

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