An argumentative essay: “The Other Wes Moore” One Name, Two Fates (2011)

Textbook: “The Other Wes Moore” One Name, Two Fates (2011) Write an argumentative essay based on the prompt below.

CONTEXT: “Product of your environment” is an expression that is used to explain the idea that where someone lives determines the type of person they will become (think of the “nature vs. nurture debate”. Based on the lives of the two Wes Moores answer the following question: Are the Wes Moore’s “products of their environment”? Why or Why not? In your paper, explain your position giving thorough explanation of the statement “Products of their environment” (nature vs. nurture). Be sure to explain the environment both of the Wes Moore come from and whether they are products of them. Please at least address two themes from the following list: (sub) cultures, socialization, crime and deviance, race/ethnicity, and/or social stratification. These topics have been thoroughly covered by the book. Your essay must include the following a. Theses statement (claim) b. Introduction c. At least 4 body substantial paragraphs (supporting reason #1-4) d. Provide at least one direct quote from the book in each of your body paragraph to support your claim. e. Counterargument paragraph that discusses the opposing view to the claim. Include a rebuttal in the counterargument paragraph. f. Conclusion

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