: An Investigation into how the Internet of Things is affecting the Retail Industry

This report is for my ‘Emerging Themes’ module in university.

I am required to undergo an investigation into how the ‘Internet of Things’ is affecting the real

section, using Amazon as a case study, i.e. Amazon Go and how this new concept is changing the

way consumers shop, pay etc.

Please can you use the number of words I have requested to:

Similar to a literature review, write a discussion based on the Internet of Things and it’s impact on the

retail industry. Key terms of the Internet of Things can include (do not have to use all):

­ Lifestyle, for example how the IoT impacts consumers (use Amazon as a point of reference i.e.

Amazon Go shop where consumers can walk into a store and out without having to pay with a card)

­ trust & privacy ­ how companies manage big data? Ownership of consumer information? Security


­ post truth

­ connectedness

= How does the Internet of Things influence these aspects?

­ What are the challenges, implications and/or opportunities of IoT for companies such as Amazon?

­ Can briefly discuss what this means for marketers

­ How can we utilize this?

As mentioned above, this section of my essay carries a similar structure and style to a literature review

whereby you must research what has been said about the topic using references. However, you must

also apply this to how it is impacting the retail industry such as Amazon. CAN CONSIDER: What does

it mean for the marketing dynamics of the firm? What current / future impact will this have on the

firm? What choices / recommendations do we have? Most importantly ­ what does this mean for the


Critically evaluate this literature in order to apply it to Amazon

Sources used must mostly come from up­to­date, reliable journals and academic articles and reports

such as Mintel, Mckinsey (no older than 3­4 years old)

I do not require exactly 20 sources. I just put that amount as a maximum. You can use however

many you feel is suitable, perhaps between 5­10? I will attach a document with recommended articles

from my lecturer regarding the Internet of Things. You do not have to use these but it would save

you time and effort researching every topic if I provide you with some of the groundwork. The style

of the essay is a report format, reporting discussions relating to the key terms I pinpointed of ‘IoT’,

however this discussion needs to be linked to retail, and in particular Amazon, which I am using as a

case study. Although I said the discussion is similar to a literature review format, you must include

your own observations and relate how you think the IoT can present opportunities and challenges to



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