Analysis of Country Economy: Austria


This part of the project is dedicated to the analysis of your country’s economy. As you know, in macroeconomics a variety of economic statistics can be used to assess the overall state of the economy as well as the measures of economic well being of people who live there. As a part of your assignment you are encouraged to research alternative ways to measure the state of the economy. No late assignments.

This assignment will become the second part of your project. Your professor will grade, comment, and return your paper to you. You should review and revise your paper to prepare it as a part of your final report.

Action Items

  1. Prepare a three page report titled “Republic of Austria Economy Overview.” The report should be based on the publicly available information that you obtained.
  2. Compose your report in Microsoft Word following APA guidelines. Please include your name, the assignment name and number, the course and section number, and the date on your title page. The report should contain all sources you utilized in its preparation, properly cited according to the APA guidelines.
  3. You need to include the following sections in your report:
    1. An overview of your country’s economy:
      1. GDP, GDP per capita, real GDP growth
      2. Inflation
      3. Unemployment
    2. Timeline:

                        Trends in Economic indicators over the years (time line, nature of changes)

                        Economic forecasts (short-term and long-term)

    1. Alternative measures of the economic well-being

                        Life expectancy

                        Emigration / Immigration

                        Education / Literacy rate

    1. Conclusion – country’s place in the world economy and its ability to adjust to changing global economic conditions.


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