Analysis of Food and Beverage Management in 3 Different Restaurants Concept


Decision making within a food and beverage context is a vital skill for a manager within the

hospitality and tourism sectors. Managers must be able to source information relevant to

the needs of the business to allow for informed decisions to be made, as well as take in to

consideration the consequences of their decisions. This assessment addresses such a

situation and allows them to make sense of the information and come up with a decision

that will impact positively on the organisation at hand.

By completing this assessment, students will develop their knowledge of food and beverage

management. Students will act in the role of a manager within a food and beverage context

and approach an authentic scenario typical to those often faced by managers within




Students are required to read and become familiar with The Freedom Hub case study

provided. The owner of Freedom Hub café has previously engaged two consultants to each

propose a new dining concept for the establishment to assist in increasing covers and

improving overall profitability. Each of the consultants has provided the owner with

information on a new service concept, an overview of the service and operations required

monthly sales projections, and a sample of the proposed menu.

Posing as the manager of the Freedom Hub café, students are required to present a

business report in which they analyse the 3 dining concepts provided in the case study

(continue current operations, Concept A, Concept B). Students should present to the owner

a business report with the main body of the report addressing the following:

 An analysis of the proposed service styles and the potential impacts on the café

should the service style change on customer service;

 Presentation of a financial comparison of the 3 options utilising commonly used food

and beverage ratios (Food and Beverage Cost %, Wage Cost %, Gross Margin, Net

Profit Ratio) to make appropriate comparisons;

 Recommendation in to how (if at all) the proposed concepts align with current and

future trends within the food and beverage industry. Evidence substantiating your

position on this must also be presented.

Once the analysis is complete students should provide a recommendation of which dining

concept the Freedom Hub café should adopt, providing clear justification to support their

choice. Recommendations need to take a holistic approach to the overall operations of the

food and beverage establishment.


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