analysis of the main character from the novel city of thevies

for this assignment I want really simple language, I don’t want to see and big words or phrase in any part of this assignment. All I want is high school level paper. and the analysis is going to be about that the main character is not a likable or dosn’t fit in the story. Essay 2: City of Thieves For your second essay, I would like you to make an argument about a character or theme in City of Thieves. Please include quotes and examples from the novel to support your observations, and remember to analyze the excerpts accordingly. Also, please read Chapter 15 “On Closer Examination: Entering Conversations About Literature” in They Say, I Say. Here are a few sample topics: Analyze a primary character in the novel. Is he/she likable? What do you find interesting or unusual about this character? Discuss the dynamics of friendship in City of Thieves. What role does the theme of courage play in the novel? Explore the theme of survival. Compare and contrast City of Thieves with another story that involves war. Trace the transition from boyhood to manhood in the novel. Of course, there are many possible topics for this assignment, so please feel free to discuss your ideas with me before you begin to write your essay. Finally, please write in the present tense. Length: 5 full pages Specifications: maintain MLA conventions, use 12 pt., and Times New Roman font

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