Analysis on The Inferno

Topic My critical analysis research paper will be on The Inferno. Literary Research Question and Purpose For Research seeks to find knowledge or information, and then apply it to a larger topic or discuss its implications within the topic of field. It is good practice to identify a guiding question, because it is a task that looks for answers. What questions are you seeking to answer about the text you chose? Why does this question concern you? How does this question fit into the context of literature and culture? Why? Then define the purpose of your research. What do you want to find out, and more importantly, what is the value of that information? How does it help us understand the topic or field of literary studies? What new insight does this bring to the topic or field of literary studies? Beginning Assumptions Knowing what assumptions or biases you begin with is important. Be aware of what you assume and work to make sure that these assumptions are grounded in fact instead of presumption. What assumptions about the topic or question do you begin with? Do you think that you will find specific answers or information? Discuss those. Audience Understanding what your audience needs to know allows you to more carefully structure your research so that you can both appeal to them and provide them with information you need to know. Who is concerned with this question? What kind of information will they expect? What kinds of information do they need to know? How will this information be valuable to them? Starting Points Identifying what you need to find out is an important part of beginning your research. What concepts of literature and culture is this research related to? What do you need to know? What specific things do you need to find out? Where can you start to find these things?

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