anatomy and physiology

 Core Objective Assessment Assignment Component Area 030, Life and Physical Sciences Teamwork (Clinical) Case Study Each group of students are assigned a clinical case study. The case studies begin with a description of a medical condition, followed by are series of short answer questions. Each group will analyze and research their assigned clinical case study and submit a 3 – 5 page paper about their research to ecampus. The papers should be written in APA format, using proper punctuation, proper English grammar, appropriate medical or clinical terms and free of spelling errors. The paper should contain 5 components: a cover sheet, overview or introduction, question analysis, conclusion, and references. A separate teamwork evaluation will also be submitted. • Cover sheet– should contain the names of all group members, title of the clinical case study, date, course name, course number and section. • Overview – brief description of case information and circumstances that resulted in the medical problem. • Question analysis – Answer each question completely. Supply rationales for each answer and cite material from case, data and research when applicable. • Conclusion – in this area students should summarize possible medical exams and/or treatments that could improve the patients’ health. Give your opinion of the case when writing this area. o Areas to consider  Could this case have been misdiagnosed by conflicting information?  What would you have done differently if placed in charge of this patient in this particular clinical case?  If you were responsible for the outcome, how would you go about treating this case more efficiently? • References – this area should contain all references used in the case study. References must be written using proper APA format. • Teamwork Evaluation – Each student will be asked to submit an evaluation that assesses the work of the team members.

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