Ancient History Homework Help

Ancient History Homework Help
Biblical Theology Paper: Proposal Assignment Instructions
Throughout the course, you will work on a Biblical Theology Paper. This paper will define a theological concept, trace that concept throughout Scripture (Old and New Testaments), and then apply an understanding of the concept to various aspects of leadership. Throughout the course, three specific assignments will focus on the Biblical Theology Paper:Ancient History Homework Help
1. Biblical Theology Paper: Proposal Assignment
2. Biblical Theology Paper: Annotated Bibliography Assignment
3. Biblical Theology Paper: Final Draft Assignment
As the capstone of this course, you will write a 12–15-page research-based paper in current APA format, focusing on a biblical theology of leadership. This paper must include at least 20 scholarly, peer-reviewed or academic sources.
The paper will answer the question: How would the biblical/theological foundation of [your topic/biblical theme] form and inform leadership in the following 5 areas: purpose of leadership, role of the leader, role of the follower, leadership methodology, and leadership setting?


The Biblical Theology Paper: Proposal Assignment is designed to get you started with your Biblical Theology Paper and to provide an opportunity for initial feedback from your instructor. You must submit the following items:Ancient History Homework Help
1. Topic selected for paper (include the doctrine you will be writing on for your paper)
2. A clear and concise thesis sentence (what point are you arguing in your paper?)
3. Citations in current APA format for at least 10 sources you plan to use in the paper (sources include a combination of academic biblical commentaries, theological reference material, and leadership materials)
This assignment should not be any longer than 1.5 pages.
Please select one of the following topics to write on for the paper:
1. Image of God
2. Redemption
3. Sanctification
4. Reconciliation
5. Incarnation
6. Trinity
7. Kenosis
8. Justification
9. Creation
10. Authority of Scripture
11. Restoration
12. Fruit of the Spirit
13. Conversion
14. Worship
Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool. Ancient History Homework Help

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