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Description Steps to complete the assignment: 1. Browse through the World Wide Web and the library EBSCO/ProQuest research database to find reliable, appropriate sites or links that will be an appropriate educational resource for teachers in the schools. You may also access teachertube, youtube, TED talks, etc. 2. The internet websites need to be related to elementary classrooms in the following topics: a. flexible grouping (2 sources) b. assessment (2 sources) c. diversity (2 sources) d. inclusion (2 sources) e. classroom management (2 sources) 3. Look to find sources including diverse learners, special needs in inclusive classroom, teaching strategies in inclusive settings, assessing students in inclusive classrooms, and managing students in inclusive classroom. 4. The resources could be research articles, lesson plans, educational videos, teaching strategies, etc. 5. Browse and read through all aspects of the internet resource. 6. Create a summary between 200-300 words for each site describing the following: a. Purpose of the source b. Summary of the information presented on the website. c. Specific information you found most useful for teachers. d. How could you use the information in your classroom? 7. An active http:// web link must be included above each summary, along with the title and author (if available). 8. Write a reflective summary of what you learned while completing this assignment task.  Discuss the learning experience: o What did you find the most challenging about the assignment? o What did you find the most interesting about the assignment? o How did you find your 10 resources?  Discuss information gained in completing the task: o Which of the 5 topics was most interesting to you? o Which of the 5 topics was the least interesting to you? o Of the 5 topics, which do you feel will be the most challenging for you when you are a teacher? 9. Create a website using or 10. Your website should be free of spelling and grammatical errors.

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