Applied Sciences homework help


Please attach the following as a Word, Google, or PDF document of your Outline, a copy of your note cards, and your completed Self-Critiqueform.
1. A Typed Full sentence outline, use the Demonstration outline template.
2. Keyword outline or Note-cards (these are a shorter version of your outline that still follow the outline format including the Roman Numerals and capital alphabet letters). Please highlight Attention Getter, Preview, and Recap for yourself during your presentation.
3. Self critique using the Student Demonstration Self-Critique form.

Demonstration Speech Outline Template


  1. Attention Getter (Question, Startling stat, participation, Quote, visual aid, etc.) Applied Sciences homework help.


  1. Establish Common Ground & Rapport (Relate to your audience)

III. Establish Credibility & Goodwill (Experience or why we should listen, cite an expert)

  1. Preview Your Main Points and Topic

(REMEMBER many of you only have two main points; materials or ingredients and steps.)
Today I will be explaining the needed ingredients and materials as well as the 9 easy steps to make ____.)
(Sub-sub points and sub-sub-sub points etc. are used as needed or desired)



  1. First main point (First you will begin by obtaining and measuring the ingredients you will need.)This needs to be a full sentence.
  2. First Sub Point There are three wet ingredients
  3. First sub-sub point ½ cup milk, 1 cup butter, and 1 tbs. vanilla extract
  4. Second sub-sub point (if desired)
  5. Second Sub Point There are six dry ingredients. This needs to be a full sentence.
  6. ¾ cups of flour, ½ cup sugar, 1 teaspoon salt
  7. Second sub-sub point (if desired) Applied Sciences homework help.
  8. Second main point (Now we are ready to begin our preparation with nine easy steps.) This needs to be a full sentence.
    1. First Sub Point First you blend the…..
    2. Second Sub Point Needs to be a full sentence
    3. Third Sub Point Needs to be a full sentence


  • Third main point of speech (If needed)
    1. First Sub Point
    2. Second Sub Point
    3. Third Sub Point


  1. Brakelight (Give us a Warning [Lastly, We have now seen, Finally])


  1. Recap Your Main Points (Today I have shown you the needed ingredients and materials as well as the 7 easy steps to make)____

III. Make it Memorable (This is an Attention Getter at the end)
Remember that you can combine two of the parts in the Introduction or Conclusion, such as combining the brakelight and the recap into one point or combining the common ground and credibility like the sample outline. Applied Sciences homework help.

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