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Project: The goals of this project are to research current literature and design a case study interrelating sport science and nutrition. To begin the project, you will need to select and identify:
· A sport or activity of interest to you
· A subject (cannot be yourself)
· Two specific nutrition parameters(undergraduate) or 4 nutrition parameters (graduate students): Fluid, calories, carbohydrates, protein, etc.Applied Sciences homework help


Using these interests, you will do a literature search to lay the background for your paper. You need to submit documentation of 5 resources (undergraduate) or 8 resources (graduate).

1. For the athlete that you choose, you will do a two day dietary recall to obtain the athlete’s current diet and print out the daily food log and reports. Use any online analysis program you want, such as,, or You must provide me with a copy of your recorded food intake when you turn in the assignment. You can refer to the assignment from week one for steps on using the online analysis programs.
2. Compare the athlete’s current dietary intake to the recommended dietary needs based on your current literature search on the sport.
3. What are the athlete’s specific nutrition recommendations based on the main energy system being used and type of sport (strength/power, endurance, ultraendurance, etc)?
4. Does the athlete’s diet meet the recommendation for your chosen nutrition parameters? If not, what are some specific recommendations that you would make to the athlete to improve their diet to meet their nutritional needs? If they are meeting some or all of the nutritional requirements, what are they and why will they help the athlete?
5. Length of paper should be 3 pages for undergraduate students and 5 pages for graduate students. Applied Sciences homework help

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