applying knowledge project

Create final project utilizing following and attached documents

Activity Details:

Step 1: Understand the research paper requirements.

The detailed requirements for your Capstone Research Paper should be determined in collaboration

with your supervising Faculty Mentor and can take a wide range of forms, such as:

a traditional academic research thesis

a policy paper (for a variety of business related topics in a real workplace situation)

an operational plan (for development, in business, government, or international organization)

a critical analysis of a case study or an applicable workplace place situation

a unique business plan that promotes innovation and change in a specific industry and sector

Other: an independent project that has been discussed with and approved by your Faculty Mentor.

While the specific form of the final product can differ widely, you should build on significant

analytical work and consist of a written final product with specific application of appropriate research

and analytical methods.

Step 2: Write a Capstone Research Paper

Write a research paper, a minimum of 10­12 pages in length, related to a central theme that

implements business processes and theories found in the competencies that comprise the PL SBA

program. The theme should incorporate key concepts to demonstrate multidisciplinary understanding

of topics. The scope of the capstone research should address workplace implementation whenever

possible and a good working familiarity with business theory, literature, and best practices.

The general approach to this paper should be that of an extended APA­formatted research paper,

based on primary and/or secondary sources and, when applicable, integration of workplace activities


This paper should be developed and written in careful and consistent consultation with your Faculty

Mentor, and should reflect the particulars contained in your Capstone Research Proposal.

Download the Capstone Research Paper Grading Rubric.


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