Architecture and Design homework help

1. The Students have to submit a research proposal / research report, based on secondary research. This will contain –
· Literature review with Harvard referencing.
· Research Methods and Methodology that they plan to follow for their research, kind of sampling involved in their research. Architecture and Design homework help
Smart clothing business idea is to initiate and maintain a successful framework in the development of new R&D projects that are carried out with collaborations among companies, end-users and researchers to commercialize ideas and help companies grow. A lot of companies and universities promote developments in smart and interactive textile materials and textile processes. Keeping the ongoing researches in the textile area in consideration regarding smart clothing, this research focuses on the effect of smart clothing on the future of fashion.


Smart textiles can sense and react to stimuli. They are systems composed of self healing coatings, sensors, electronic devices, nano fibers, biopolymers, shape changing materials, biomedical fibrous assemblies, carbon nano fillers for conductive yarn, conductive polymers, optical sensing fibers and hybrid structures.
1. The main objective is to know about smart clothes and if they are the future of fashion. Architecture and Design homework help
2. This research study aims to make a brief look at the literature review of these incredible, dynamic and very important objects.
3. To study the awareness about the smart clothing among design students.
1. Why do people need smart textiles?
2. What are the different types of smart textiles that are available now?
3. How are the current fashion designers able to create smart clothing? Like zac posen’s optical dress.
4. Will Indian market accept smart textiles?
5. Which country has the best resources for making smart textiles?
6. What are the different fields and branches that are working on smart textiles?
7. Will smart textiles have any effects on the environment?
8. Are smart textiles the future of fashion? Architecture and Design homework help

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