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  Art Gallery: Critique For Unit V of the art gallery presentation, you will again be adding to your PowerPoint presentation. For this segment, you will be adding a critique of your gallery pieces and explaining how and if they fit into each of the art criticism theories discussed in this course. Art Criticism theories (formal, contextual, and expressive) help art historians and critics categorize art. An artwork will not represent a theory, but a theory can lead to a better understanding of the artwork.   Begin by reviewing your Unit IV feedback and making any necessary revisions.   Next, research the three art criticism theories listed in Chapter 5 of your textbook and the Unit V Lesson. Be sure to use APA format.   Use the template slides labeled “Art Criticism Theories.”   Complete three (3) slides, one for each of the art criticism theories: formal, contextual, and expressive For each slide, address the following:   Describe the art criticism theory.   Tell why you feel this theory is the best fit for the artwork.   Tell how the theory explains one of your gallery artworks.   Explain how the purpose and structure of the work relate to this theory.   Please submit your full presentation thus far, which should include the previous updated segments and the segment for this unit. To access the art gallery template, an example presentation, and other PowerPoint resources, click on the “Course Resources” link in the course menu bar of Blackboard. Click here to access an example of this presentation segment. Click here to view this example in PDF format. Information about accessing the Blackboard Grading Rubric for this assignment is provided below. I will need the page numbers of the citation. 

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