Article Summary: Annual Review of Sociology


  • Your summary will be ONE FULL page, 12 point, single spaced, Times New Roman font, 1’’ margins on all sides, no spaces between paragraphs.
  • To put this another way, the summary portion of this assignment should be one full page. No more, no less. That’s part of the challenge in this assignment.
  • On the second page will be your reaction to the article. This is also to be singled spaced and should be no less than a half of a page. You can tell me what argument you feel had the most support, what theory was missing, and so forth. The point is for you to critically engage with the material. Take note that scribbling down “the article was super long and that like sucks,” or “the author dude guy is totally confusing,” is not an example of critical engagement and you will not be awarded any points.
  • Your summary should look EXACTLY like the sample template posted on D2L. So make sure you familiarize yourself with that.



  • You are to summarize the following academic article (currently posted in D2L in Content under Assignments): Jeff Manza. 2000. “Political Sociological Models of the U.S. New Deal.” Annual Review of Sociology 26: 297-322.
  • By summarize, I’m asking you to provide a comprehensive account of the argument. Detail is nice, but don’t get bogged down in it. I am trying to assess whether you understand the broader argument.
  • This may be your first experience with a social science academic journal article so it may take some time. Be patient and read carefully. Don’t be surprised if you need to read through it twice to figure out what’s going on.
  • While doing you are reading the article, ask yourself the following questions: what problem(s) are the authors trying to address? What drove them to study this issue, and/or where did the problem come from? What did they find? How does this further our understanding of the topic?

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