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Article Modern Self-Concepts

I will pay for the following article Modern Self-Concepts. The work is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The first viewpoint is known as the modern self, which says that we all have a ‘self’. This ‘self’ is composed of a small number of personality traits that best define the individual. These personality traits are meant to be enduring, stable across time, and stable across differing situations. Article Writing Assignment Help.
The second viewpoint is that of the postmodern self. This viewpoint believes that our ‘self’ is who we are seen to be. This ‘self’ is made up of all the personality traits that an individual possesses, however small or large. This viewpoint believes personality traits to be fragmented, made up of many different parts that may contradict each other (Spencer-Rodgers et al 2010). These personality traits are unstable. The individual’s personality will adapt to new events such as the loss of a loved one or the learning of a new skill set (Spencer-Rodgers et al 2010).


In Western Societies, when we view our ‘self’ as changing and not constant, there is a higher risk for mental and physical health problems(Alter and Kwan 2009). Viewing our ‘self’ as changing can also lead to a decrease in performance at work (Judge and Bono 2001). a higher likelihood of suffering from depression (Valiente, Cantero, et al 2011, Vickery, Sepheri, et al 2011). and an increase in binge eating (Bonar, Rosenberg et al 2011). The results of these studies show that liver function and health issues are positively correlated with a low sense of ‘self’ stability. This demonstrates the need for further research to be conducted in these areas. If we can increase awareness of the detrimental effects of a fragmented ‘self’ concept, we can begin to correct these issues.
One such detrimental effect, we posit, is the issue of drug abuse. People who report a postmodern sense of self will be more likely to attribute their negative behaviors to external factors. One such behaviour, which is damaging to liver function and to health, is the behaviour of drug abuse. The concept of responsibility for one’s choices (behaviours) is central in addressing the issue of recovery from substance abuse. We hypothesise that an individual must possess an integrated, modern self-concept in order to believe that they themselves, rather than external factors, are the cause of, and therefore responsible for, their behaviours. Article Writing Assignment Help.

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