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Need help with my writing homework on Whether Women Have Different Ethical Standards When Compared to Men. Write a 2000 word paper answering;

Need help with my writing homework on Whether Women Have Different Ethical Standards When Compared to Men. Write a 2000 word paper answering; The paper looks at the feminist philosophical view in the determination of some discriminative concepts.
According to Hutchings (2007), feminism is an ethical tradition that examines some of the gender relations of power, which are tied to societal moral codes. The moral codes exist in the feminist global ethic, which occurs through the division of feminist thoughts into normative traditions that include care feminism, enlightenment feminism, and post-colonial feminism. Article Writing Homework Help.  Despite the categorizations, it is possible to determine that feminists might differ in their understanding and interpretations of the manner in which women are oppressed in society. However, the foundation of their arguments is based on women’s experience (Hutchings, 2007). For this reason, most feminists might argue that historically, not so many people consider a woman’s point of view. This means that men from the different communities, philosophies, religions, moral theory constructs and sciences for fellow men, as well as for the fulfillment of the male interests.


In order to evaluate the nature of sexist ethics, the basic requirement would be to develop an understanding of the same. The basic understanding of sexist ethics is that it is a moral theory that exhibits fundamental biases towards the interests of a single-gender. Most of the feminists believe that it is possible to consider the major moral theories as sexist since they exhibit biases towards the point of view of the male gender and their development seeks to fulfill male interests. However, an individual might argue that utilitarian and deontological theories are not sexist in nature, given their positions on the moral obligations of human beings.
Utilitarianism, which is&nbsp.also known as the principle of utility, is a moral examination of the righteousness of some of the human actions, which are based on the amount of pleasure or pain that they produce.&nbsp.It is a “consequentialist” ethical theory that judges the righteousness or wrongful actions by the results that the action might produce. Article Writing Homework Help.

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