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Based on the readings, how do you think new media have changed newspaper and TV news in terms of their business model, profits, professionalism, and credibility? What suggestions do you have in order for newspaper and TV news to compete with digital news?
1. Your response must have a minimum of 300 words in total (after-text reference list does not count) with at least 3 references to reliable sources. For the 3 references, at least 1 should be from assigned readings (please provide page number in bracket) and the other 2 can be from reliable academic/scholarly sources or popular press. Unreliable internet sources do not count.


2. All sources must be properly cited in APA format (including in-text citations and after-text references). Article writing homework help
3. Avoid posting unsubstantiated opinions and comments. Support your arguments with specific citations of relevant theories, concepts, and examples identified in course readings or external research.
4. Use proper grammar and spelling. Informal language, frequent grammatical errors and typos may cause loss of points.
Grading Criteria:
Your post will be graded based on its content and format. The length of your post will not be judged as long as it meets the minimum requirement of 300 words.
Total points (per question): 15
At least 1 reference to assigned readings with proper APA in-text citations :1
At least 2 references to reliable external sources with proper APA in-text citations: 2
All sources are properly cited with full information in the after-text reference list; 2
The post is relevant and answered all questions: 4
Your writing is well structured with critical thinking, good reasoning and clear expressions.: 3
The post has proper grammar, spelling, and language style: 3 Article writing homework help

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