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To: Dr. Robin Murphy
From: Aanand Nepal
Date: April 7, 2021
Subject: Progress Report
I am writing to inform you of the current progress of my project. The project on Emergency Youth Center in Ada, Oklahoma, intends to identify how we can help improve the services provided in Youth Emergency Shelter. It also seeks to identify the innovative ways to promote such community services and how to help this association. The Emergency Youth Centers form a crucial part of this project, as they are the main information sources. The project was started on March 01, 2021 and is projected to be completed by July 1, 2021. The activities included in the project include visiting the centers and collecting information on the depression experiences, poor nutrition, and mental health problems of homeless youths and trafficking survivors. I will also identify who are in need of such organizations. In addition, I will identify the center’s counseling programs and services and their engagement through these projects, how they help the youths, and the facilities they provide. Article Writing Homework Help.  The progress report provides an overview my project status including, a review of the work completed, work in progress, and work remaining to be done on the project.
The Work Completed

  • Identification of the centers to be visited
  • Approval from relevant bodies to do the research and from the centers
  • Identification of the main research question, and some secondary questions
  • Identification of the project’s scope, purpose, and activities to be conducted

Work in Progress

  • Conducting the project activities covered in the research question
  • Planning a schedule for visiting the centers
  • Obtaining the required resources required to complete the project
  • Acquiring the materials needed to gather and store the information


 The Remaining Work to be Done on the Project

  • Hosting a resource drive and providing items like tents or clothing to the homeless youths
  • Keeping records of all youths and talk to them personally and try to understand them
  • Collecting some funds with the help of my family
  • Provision of shelter and food and some guidance for the youths who are homeless and trafficking survivors, experiencing depression, poor nutrition, and mental health problems.
  • Completing the remaining work within the set time frame.

No issues have arisen to affect the completion, direction, requirements, or scope of the project. Overall, the status of the project is fair and on schedule. It s completion is projected to be within the timeframe with the resources available. It is uncertain if this project has an effect on meeting the broad community needs, but I am sure that it will help many homeless youths. Article Writing Homework Help.
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When a funding agency is deciding whether to grant money to a project, they want to know that it will be used well and in a timely manner. When communicating this information, graphic organizers can help the reader understand the information more clearly. Article Writing Homework Help.

  • Create two graphics for this assignment, using your Proposal for their content.
  • First, create a table for your budget. This site offers some examples of budget tables for grant proposals: Contents of a Proposal Budget
  • Second, create a Gantt chart for your schedule. This simple tutorial explains how to make a Gantt chart in Microsoft Excel: Gantt Chart in Excel
  • Microsoft Excel is a good tool for creating both of these graphics, but your Proposal will be delivered in Microsoft Word. Import both of these graphics into a Word document and upload it. Article Writing Homework Help.


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