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Decisive Insight of Fashion
I need some assistance with these assignment. a decisive insight of fashion Thank you in advance for the help! Differentiation can be termed as discrimination that people try to achieve by being special.


  Furthermore, uniformity is when there is no variation between people, in other words, most of the times people try to uniform with others to blend with them.Apparently, any regular person is struggling to achieve this two force may at times want to be special in his/her styles compared to mimicking others.It is worth noting that, Simmel’s main claim is that, fashion is about the two forces which allow people to exercise their need for differentiation and uniformity. On the bases of his main claim and the fundamental assumptions, Simmel developed several sub-claims which are. humans are mysterious, how fashion allows the existence of the humans dualistic nature, how people always notice only the experience thing, fashion helps social classes develop relation to each other, how social classes are built upon imitation, how women overcompensate through fashion for the lack of social power historically, fashion’s function as a mask for human beings. Finally, he concludes his reflection with his most vital idea, in other words, that fashion helps people to achieve their inner freedom. Simmel bases his reasoning on the assumption that fashion and human beings are driven by the two forces. First, he believes that human nature is driven by the two forces, our desire to be closer to others and pull away from them. Moreover, we communicate on multiple levels that is, on the social level. to what social groups we belong, but also in a very personal sense, in what way we are unique as individuals. Evidently, these two assumptions are connected, that is, the “dualistic nature” (Simmel, 1904/ 1957, p. 541) of a person makes us deep. Article Writing Homework Help.

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