Artist’s book

Essay specifications

What is an artist’s book? What differentiates an artist’s book from a sketchbook or a visual journal? Your response must demonstrate an awareness of the debate on this topic among book artists and scholars. You will need to look at texts by writers such as Johanna Drucker, Clive Phillpot, Cathy Courtney, or Sarah Bodman. In the end you should draw some conclusions of your own, with reference to specific examples of artist’s books. 


The answer should demonstrate a sophisticated understanding of the topic and the ability to explain, analyse and critique a broad range of key concepts with reference to a broad range of literature and examples. 

The essay response should demonstrate an excellent understanding of a range of relevant theoretical literature and originality in the choice of examples chosen to support the argument. Also a strong evidence of analytical and critical thinking. 

A well formatted bibliography in APA style should be included with a wide variety of appropriate sources including monographs and journal literature. Where relevant, quotes and examples should be used in a sophisticated way to support the point of view being presented and citations carefully and consistently provided throughout. 


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