Assess Supply and Demand

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SECTION 1: Assess Supply and Demand

Question 1

What is workforce planning at its most basic level?

Question 2

In your own words, explain why managers need to plan rather than react to environmental and business changes?

Question 3

What are the two types of business plan?

Question 4

What is the difference between the two plans? What is their connection with workforce planning?

Question 5

How can you scan the external environment?

Question 6

What information should you scan in an internal audit?

Question 7

Once you complete a scan of the internal and external data, what may you need to do in the case of a shortage?

Question 8

Explain why you would complete a skills gap analysis.

Question 9

What are the main differences between a performance gap and a skills gap?

Question 10

What is workforce diversity?

Question 11

List the different types of diversity that you may find in the workplace.

Question 12

Should you participate in training if you are not sure about discrimination?

Question 13

What is employment forecasting?

Question 14

What should your external consideration be when you are forecasting supply?

Question 15

What are the differences between supply and demand when you find either a shortage in staffing or a surplus in staffing?

Question 16

There are several different types of organisational structure. Which one should you have when you work in a dynamic industry and your ability to change quickly is the only way that you can achieve a competitive edge? Why?

Question 17

Where can you find information of demographics in your organisation?

Question 18

What can happen if you access files without permission.

Question 19

What is the importance of the ABS?

Question 20

Can economic trends assist you in making projections?

Question 21

What is the importance of reviewing staffing budgets?

Question 22

When you are considering costs, what costs could be hidden?

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