Assessing Business Strategy Discussion

Assessing Business Strategy Discussion

opic 1: Assessing Business Strategy
Throughout your personal, professional, and academic life, you have been exposed to the concept of strategy in many ways. From career growth to personal finance and business planning, the concept of strategy can be confusing, vague, and seemingly impossible to master. In this Discussion Assignment, you will conceptualize the meaning of strategy by explaining how it is used in a management capacity, and what is to be gained in its application from a real-world perspective.
Complete the following activities prior to developing your Discussion Assignment essay:Assessing Business Strategy Discussion
· Read Chapters 1 and 2 in the course textbook. Complete the lab activities before developing your Discussion Assignment essay.


· Explore the supplemental reading and video resources. Review a minimum of three resources to develop perspective on the subject of strategy and its importance to a business developing competitive advantage.
To develop, actualize and communicate a deep understanding for the meaning of strategy, execute the requirements below in essay format using headings to segment topics and to create a flow of ideas for your reader. This Discussion Assignment essay is due no later than the last day in Unit 1. Execute the following checklist items in the development of your Discussion Assignment essay:
· Choose a publicly traded company by searching the Hoover’s Company Profile database in the library or the Yahoo Finance website. Conduct research on the company website and using library resources. Provide a brief synopsis about the company, the industry sector in which it operates, products, and target market.
· To complete this Discussion Assignment, you may also choose to analyze your current employer if you have access to the required information necessary to inform your writing.
· Another option you have is to choose a Baldridge award winning company … Assessing Business Strategy Discussion

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