Assessment For Learning

Assessment is a common aspect of each and every classroom.  In the twenty-first century classroom, assessment for learning is essential to ensure that students are mastering key skills. The video, Assessment for Learning (, points out key strategies that can be employed in the classroom in order to ensure student success.  After watching the video, share your thoughts on the structures and strategies a teacher needs to put into place in order to ensure that an effective classroom environment is created to foster twenty first century learning.     Rystad, M.  (2013, April 7).  Assessment for learning [Video file].  Retrieved from This video explains multiple strategies for assessment for learning, or formative assessments, to inform instructional decisions.   Instructor Notes (Please Follow them) EDU650 Week 4 Discussion 1:  Assessment for Learning Key strategies from the video  Your response Your own ideas about both formative and summative assessments  Your response How both sets of ideas could be implemented to create an effective classroom environment Your response References Your response Note. Be sure to include examples to illustrate and support your ideas (distributed throughout your post). Note.  Please link your presentation to the discussion forum.  Instructions are posted in the Announcements. (please use Prezi )  username: password:   Note.  At a minimum, you will need to provide the complete reference for the video you viewed and in-text citations when you refer to it.  Recall.  Often, the references for required materials are presented in the Course Materials (in the Module area). Note.  A powerpoint may be your the first step.  Please take the next steps to upload your powerpoint into one of the listed presentation softwares.  Please link your URL to the discussion forum (see step-by-step instructions in the Announcements).

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