Assessment In Education

   EDU 552—Assessment Portfolio Assessment and grading are the focal points of this class. There is no universal “one-size-fits-all” for every assessment. The theory behind these, however, provides a solid foundation for teachers to use assessment and grading principles to influence student achievement positively. In addition to learning and interacting with these theories, students will also be applying these principles practically.  Throughout the term, students will create examples of various types of learning goals, types of assessments, evaluative rubrics, student feedback, and other components of the assessment / grading process. Students will choose exemplars of each of these and submit a portfolio of their representative work at the end of the term.  Portfolio will include, but not be limited to: · At least two examples of each: Diagnostic, Formative, Summative · At least two examples of each: Selected Response, Short Answer/Essay, Performance  · At least one example of an evaluative rubric corresponding to one of your summative assessments · Any other document/artifact that is demonstrative of your knowledge of, understanding of, or ability to implement and apply assessment principles and techniques [optional]

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