Assessment Task 2: Individual research report

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Prepare a written research report that builds on your first assessment – using the same product/service mentioned in task #1. This assessment examines an entry strategy and operational structure for your planned move into another country. This assessment has a weighting of 30% of the total course marks and must not exceed 3000 words (plus/minus 10%).
At a minimum, you will need to discuss: – your chosen entry mode – and why it was chosen over others – why you expect this venture to be successful – the “S” and “W” of your SWOT. This can be expanded to involve discussion as to the key core competency of the firm that will promote success, and also the key internal weakness that might hinder success. – the operational strategy and corporate objective – the intended organisational design – e.g. global product, global area, global function, global customer or matrix design – the scope for expansion within your chosen country/market – capital requirements (analytical discussion only – no numerical data is needed) – staffing policy – ethnocentric, polycentric, geocentric. (You may also break this down to management and non-management, depending on the size of your operation.)
A few things to note:
 This is NOT a marketing report! – rather, this report examines an entry strategy
 Research widely, using credible sources – these MUST be referenced (using APA)
 Do not directly use cut/paste from your sources – even if it is referenced. You WILL be marked down! Rewrite/reinterpret in your own words.
 DO NOT RECYCLE TEXT FROM ASSIGNMENT #1. You can discuss concepts raised in task #1 but you MUST present this as an extension of earlier ideas – not just a repeat of text.
 Use report format – professionally presented. Do not exceed the word limit. Anything beyond the word limit will not be assessed.
Note: The following companies/company-types are not permitted as subject material for this assessment:
– Multinational fast food companies (ie McDonalds, KFC, Hungry Jacks, etc)
– Multinational beverage companies (ie. Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Starbucks, etc)
– Multinational sporting apparel companies (ie. Nike, Adidas, etc)
– Multinational personal electronic companies (ie Apple, Nokia, Samsung, etc)
If you are in doubt about your chosen companies, please consult your lecturer.

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