Assignment 2- Reporting student learning

A copy of the three work samples and accompanying notes from assignment 1
Demonstrate your understanding of the principles of reporting by;
1.Provide a brief background for your student and the context that the work sample was completed.
2.Using one of your work samples and your understanding of a possible range of assessment strategies
for that student, write a brief report on the student’s learning taking into account:
(a) Achievements
(b) Areas for improvement /future learning
(c) What the school will do to support the student
(d) What the parents can do at home to support the student
3. With your knowledge of the theoretical underpinnings of reporting discuss what you would need to
consider if you were to report the above in a :
(a) Parent/teacher interview
(b) Student led conference
Mention of jow you will focus on encouraging an inclusive process and practice without replicating
any existing social inequaliites that may exist in the school community that you have identified for
your ‘report’ will support the considerations you outline.
This assessment item relates to the following subject learning outcomes:
• be able to understand social and political trends
• be able to understand how to assess student learning
• be able to demonstrate an understanding of the purpose of providing feedback
• be able to demonstrate understanding of assessment moderation and consistent and comparable

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