Assignment Two: Entrepreneur Case Study

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Word count: 3000, excluding title page, exec summary, table of contents and references


The purpose of this assignment is to collect data on and write a case study of a small or medium-sized enterprise based in New Zealand. This assignment will require you to conduct an interview with the entrepreneur or owner/ manager of a small or medium-sized enterprise, where the focus will be on enterprise development strategies and factors that influence enterprise development.

Learning objectives addressed

LO2: Demonstrate an understanding of enterprise development strategies in different organisations

LO3: Analyse the influence of personal, economic, social, political, environmental and ethical factors on the enactment of entrepreneurial behaviour


This assignment requires you to write a case study of a small or medium-size enterprise based in New Zealand. The focus in this assignment is on enterprise development strategies and factors that influence enterprise development. The assignment will require that you conduct an interview with an entrepreneur (however defined) in any industry, and it is recommended that you choose a business/entrepreneur who started more than a year ago to ensure that you have enough to discuss, and that your interviewee is the main decision-maker in her or his venture.

Case study content

Your case study report will need discuss the following key elements (but not necessarily in this order):

  • The key features of the business model for this enterprise, drawing on elements within the Business Model Canvas
  • The goals (short and long-term) that the entrepreneur has for the enterprise
  • The current performance of the enterprise (growth trajectory, etc.)
  • Enterprise development strategies that have been adopted, in other words – what has been done to develop the business?
  • Factors that influence enterprise development including discussion on the role of business ethics and trends such as growing social consciousness, awareness of sustainability issues and growing concerns about business responsibility.

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