Assignment 1   Every industry publishes many trade publications, periodicals, and academic journals. Successful professionals regularly review the literature in their industries to explore the intellectual developments and range of resources available within their disciplines.   Develop a journal to collect print and/or electronic resources that are specific to the discipline of adult education and training. You will add to this journal several times throughout this course and may choose to keep it updated going forward in future courses.   Locate a minimum of two resources that are specific to the field of adult education and training.   Include the following information for each resource:   ·         Name   ·         Associated costs or membership, if any   ·         Subject focus   ·         Intended audience   ·         Tone: highly technical, research-based, or application-based   ·         A 5- to 7-sentence description of how the resource serves the discipline   Format all citations and references according to APA guideline       Assignment 2   Research the three learning processes covered this week: self-directed, transformative, and experiential learning.   Create a poster to serve as a classroom quick-reference for students that illustrates the three learning processes.   Include the following information for each process:   ·         Definition   ·         Depictive graphic or image   ·         Instructional strategies that support the process   ·         Typical application or use of process   ·         Strategy to assess learning or growth   Choose one of the learning processes.   Write a 275- to 350-word description of a real or fictitious scenario that would benefit from applying your chosen process for learning.  

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