AWC Pattern Identification and Future Recommendations

 Prepare a managerial report, starting with an executive summary; expected length up to 10 pages APA format, excluding cover page, table of content, and appendixes.


Based on the Excel file about the products your own selected sales representative (Jillian Carson in this file) sold for the AWC company, you are required to complete all of tasks as below:

Task 1: Using predictive analytics, prepare several scenarios for the next 12 months of operations

Task 2: Formulate conclusions and recommendations for the implementation of the future scenarios based on predictive analytics (overall and by buyers)

Task 3: Define and explain the assumptions upon which your optimization model is predicated

Task 4: Using optimization models, compare the scenarios prepared in task 2


(when you do analyses and draw demonstration based on the excel files I provided, please add some screenshots into appendixes area to indicate what datasets or graphs used to clarify the standpoint.)

Plagiarism will not be tolerated.


A few points for you to keep in mind as you work on assignment 3:

An executive summary should contain all important information you’ve written in the main report. It is the first, and sometimes the ONLY, document a high-ranking executive will read on the subject matter you write. You want them to be able to see your argument and your conclusion purely from the executive summary, and they will read the main report to see the full analysis you’ve done to get to the conclusions in the summary.

Make sure the report flows well. The points you make in a previous section can be built on in the following sections. Remember, you are writing the report for an executive who will not have a lot of time to read everything given to them, you want your report to be easy to read so it is easy to remember.

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