Banks performance during crisis. Introduction and conclusion should be linked with my literature review and findings

Financial Ratio Analysis of UK’s banking sector­ dissertation. Please find attached the word document

with my draft. you have to read my literature review and findings first.

Conclusion, introduction and abstract is needed.

Conclusion: 800­900 words

Introduction: 600­700 words.

Abstract: 150­200 words

In introduction: 1) identify 2­3 research questions and outline the main purpose of the study.

2) mention the origin of the Global Financial Crisis

3) state the importance of the research and find the research gap.

4) should be logical

In conclusion:

1) Link the findings with previous research (In the literature review) and provide commentary.

you should link findings with cyclical character; previous crises; new capital requirements and

etcetera. but from my literature review!!!!There should be some sort of a contribution to previous


2) make some recommendations and possible solutions­ very important!!

3) argue that this research does not involve any ethical issues.

4)be critical



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